By booking at Wolfkop Nature Reserve, you adhere to our rules & policies.

Cancellation policy and refunds:

Refunds only available if another paid booking for same dates have been able to replace your booking.

R250 bank and admin fees.

Wolfkop Nature Reserve reserves the right to move your booking to another or an optional total refund if we get a double booking or a big group booking.


Other important things to note:

·     No form of glitter, small plastic particles or balloons are allowed. Please respect our environment.

·     No loud noise or music. We take this very seriously. No loud noise or music. If your neighbours complain about your noise and you do not adhere to your first warning to quite down you will be liable to pay a R5000 fine. If this continues the police will be called to evacuate you if you do not adhere to your second warning to quite down.

·     Breakage will be charged to the value of the damage made.

·     Unfortunately no 4 legged friends, as we are a reserve pets are not allowed to respect the wildlife

·     No motorbikes

·     Not allowed to drive faster than 20km/h 

·     Wolfkop Nature Reserve does not assume responsibility for any lost or stolen personal property. Please keep all personal property under observation. If you do become the victim of a theft, immediately report it to the following numbers- 083 260 4822 or 083 260 5071 or Police.

·     Be aware that Wolfkop Nature Reserve is a Reserve in the mountains where water & power outages seldom occur. We have a support team on stand-by should any outages happen to resolve any issues as fast as possible. Any Eskom related outages is out of our hand and therefore the Reserve will not be hold accountable for water or electricity outages. Homes have gas stoves, therefore cooking is still possible, we will supply extra drinking water in the case that there is an outage and there are a sufficient amount of candles 

• The stay and use of hiking trails, facilities, jacuzzi’s and swimming pool and any other related activity is undertaken at the guest’s own risk and the owner and/it’s members and employees shall not be held liable for any claim regarding personal injury, illness, death or the like arising from any cause whatsoever, including vis major casus fortuitus or negligence in any form by the owners, it’s members, employees and/or agents, whilst staying in the cottages and/or reserve. By confirming your booking at Wolfkop Nature Reserve you adhere to these rules.